The Ohio Laborers’ Fringe Benefit Programs (OLFBP) offers great benefits to eligible Laborers throughout the state of Ohio.  To learn more about the benefits offered, please visit

 Insurance Benefits:

  • Medical (Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield)
  • Prescription (Envision/Rx Options)
  • Vision (National Vision Administrators – NVA)
  • Death and Dismemberment
  • Short-term Disability
  • Retiree insurance

You will establish your initial eligibility for insurance benefits the first of the month after you have worked 450 hours as a laborer (providing the 450 hours are in a six consecutive month period).

Once you meet initial eligibility requirements, eligibility is looked at on a monthly basis. If you meet any of the following for a given month, you will continue eligibility for that month:

  • 250 hours in the first 3 months of the 4 months immediately preceding the month of coverage; or
  • 500 hours in the first 6 months of the 7 months immediately preceding the month of coverage; or
  • 1000 hours in the first 12 months of the 13 months immediately preceding the month of coverage.

So, if you work 250 hours every three-month period or 1000 hours in every 12-month period, you will maintain your insurance benefits. 1000 hours every year does not automatically mean that you will continue to be eligible for the following year. The formulas look at every twelve month period separately (January – December, February – January, March – February, etc.)

There is no cost to you associated with establishing or maintaining your eligibility as long as you meet the eligibility requirements described above, regardless of the number of dependents you have. As part of the Laborers wage package, your contractors are required to pay a set amount for every hour you work as a laborer.